Quotes & Poems 💗

“There is nothing to learn for the one that is already complete. However there is seemingly a lot to unlearn to realize the completion.” ~ Svava

“The one who has realized that true love can solely be experienced in a complete devotion to God has found the answer to all his prayers.” ~ Svava

“When I allowed myself to accept God’s infinite Love pouring down on me, and embracing me, I experienced that His Love was so overwhelming that all I could do was to give His Love away. Then I experienced that I kept on being filled up with His Love. The more I gave away, the more I felt His Love. I saw that True Love is eternal, changeless and all inclusive. By giving His Love away I realized that I Am This Love. I Am the Love of God.” ~ Svava

“Simple living is the most giving. The closer you come to God the simpler you become. Only the ego is complex. God is simple.” ~ Svava

“When you know without any doubt that you are changeless and eternal nothing will bother you. You will be like the sky. The sky always stays the same, and is never affected by the weather or the clouds passing by. In your certainty you will know that all things will pass, and that you are the vast eternal that is far beyond what words can describe. You are That which always IS. And That and Only That truly exists.” ~ Svava

“You will remain in poverty until you know your true Self. Only the One Who knows himSelf knows the riches of the Kingdom. And only in the Kingdom of Heaven can abundance be experienced.” ~ Svava

“The one that solely speaks, thinks and acts from a pure heart lives in a state of Grace.”
~ Svava

Gratitude can bring you back into a state of peace. When you mistakenly have negative thoughts drop them immediately, and turn your mind towards thoughts of gratitude. These thoughts can be as simple as thanking for, that you woke up this morning to another beautiful day of opportunities to give.

Give peace to have it.

Give love to have it. 

Give joy to have it. 

What you give you give to yourSelf, and by sharing your gifts you bring them to everyOne. 

You are a gift. 

Be grateful for what is“.

~ Svava

“Learn kindness from the one you perceive as unkind. 

Learn compassion from the one you perceive as uncompassionate.

Learn patience from the one you perceive as impatient. 

Learn trust from the one you perceive as untrustworthy. 

Love the one you perceive as unloving. 

Everyone has a lesson for you to learn so you can remember your true identity. Everyone is playing their part perfectly because you are so unconditionally loved.”

~ Svava

“It is impossible to joyfully play if you are trying to control the direction of the game.” ~Svava

Devoted to You by Svava

Love is my destiny 

My one and only goal 

A life in ecstasy 

Merged with my soul

I walked through fire 

To know You Lord 

You were my one desire 

My only longing in this world 

I heard Your calling 

Far away from here 

I began falling 

And the world would disappear


I landed in the dark 

I faced my own shadow 

Beyond it was a spark 

That turned into a rainbow


The colors dispelled the darkness 

The dark that had kept me scared

With true vision it was harmless 

Now I finally was prepared


I was ready to know Your love 

I was ready to be like You

I knew You were my destiny 

and only Your love could set me free


You looked into my eyes 

Everything turned to light 

I finally saw with true sight 

All was gone and all was bright 

~ Svava

“True vision is not of the body’s eyes, but is born in the faith of a believer with a pure heart. ~ Svava

Kindness is a decision. 

Happiness is a decision. 

Joy is a decision. 

Love is a decision.

Peace is a decision. 

Gratitude is a decision.

Freedom is a decision. 

Salvation is a decision. 

Light is a decision. 

Truth is a decision. 

Heaven is a decision.

God is a decision.

~ Svava

“When you realize that you do not know anything about what you thought you knew, then you are beginning to know something. ~ Svava 

“Before time was You were.” ~ Svava

“No amount of darkness can dispel the light. But even the tiniest candle can dispel the darkness.” ~ Svava

“You are simply just an actor. Play your part with love and kindness. Then your movie will be beautiful.”
~ Svava 

“With the death of the false self lies the birth of true wisdom.” ~ Svava

“It only takes an instant to love completely.” ~ Svava

 “The pathway of a mystic is a direct experience with the divine.” ~ Svava

“Life is a love affair with God if we really understood it.” ~ Svava

“Walk with me now. The past is not here and neither is tomorrow.” ~ Svava

“You are the only lamp that can dispel the darkness.” ~ Svava

“You will realize that you have everything when you peacefully can give up everything.” ~ Svava

“Solely when one has renounced all that is false can one truly live.” ~ Svava

“Everything you want from this world will eventually fade to nothing. That is the reason why nothing in this world can bring you consistent happiness. It is impossible to find consistency in the inconsistent. Therefore seek solely for That which is changeless and eternal. In That you will find True happiness. In That you will find yourSelf.” ~ Svava 

“Surrender Now and set yourself free. The present moment is your key.” ~ Svava

“The past is simply just an unreliable memory that does not exist. The future is an unreliable memory projected into an anticipated future that does not exist either. Only this Holy Instant is real. Only the Now IS. It is as simple as that.” ~ Svava

True Vision by Svava

I look at the sky and I see You

I look at the sun and I see You

I look at the ocean and I see You

I look at the trees and I see You

I look at a flying eagle and I see You

I look at a friend and I see You

I look at my finger pointing at the sunlight and I see You

Everywhere I look I see You

You must be in my eyes because I see only You

You must be in my mind because I think like You

You must be in all of me because I feel You

My heart is filled with love for You

Within my whole being I know You

You are everywhere and so must I be too

I am here only to remember what is True

That I was always One with You

Thank You 🙏🏼 

~ Svava

In silence with you by Svava

In the silence of the night

I see the stars shining bright

My heart rests in your glory

I have released my old story

The past has been forgiven

Only in this moment I am livin’

In my deep breath I know

That my life is in a flow

Nothing to decide

Nothing to provide

Everything is given

In your love I am driven

The softness of your peace

I feel my true release

I am free to fly with you

And I know your love is true

Light as a feather

We fly in any weather

Everything is the same

When we share the same name

You are all of me

Together we are free

I finally know who I am

The world was just a hologram