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Into The Mystic – Episode #19 – Podcast ♥️

New episode of Into the Mystic is out ✨🌟 💫
Enjoy episode 19 of Into the Mystic – Stepping into Certainty

In episode 19 I share my own experiences about stepping into certainty. I begin this episode by reading a poem called ‘Certainty’ and then we dive together into the depth of the true meaning of certainty. I also talk about how guidance, symbols and signs are all connected to stepping into certainty.
In the end I read another beautiful poem called ‘You speak to me in symbols.’ 

This episode is about 20 minutes long and has a restful meditative background music. 

Love you 💗
Blessed Day 🙏🏼

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Into The Mystic – Episode #18 – Podcast ♥️

Hello my beloveds ♥️

Enjoy the newest episode of Into the Mystic. This episode is called ‘The Gift’ and is a beautiful guided meditation where we go on a journey and receive a gift from the Divine. The meditation is about 21 minutes and has heavenly soft music in the background. 

I am deeply grateful for for all the gifts that God has provided for me and deeply thankful for the wonderful peace that has come over me after what seemed to be outward travels in the world. But as we know from Jesus’ teachings in A Course in Miracles; “You travel but in dreams.” – And the journey is always inward to wash away blocks to God’s Love.

The last almost a year of my life has been a very deep inward journey into the Self by following guidance and stepping completely into the unknown. After travels around Iceland, following my heart, sleeping in my car and meeting amazingly wonderful people I am now guided to live in the USA at this point, and it feels fantastic 😊

Thank you for being here 🙏

Eternal Love and Gratitude,

Svava ♥️

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Into The Mystic – Episode #17 – Podcast ♥️

Enjoy episode #17 of Into the Mystic – The Changeless Truth Within

In Episode #17 I begins by reading a beautiful new poem. Then I shares about my spectacular trip around Iceland that was a beautiful refection of the Truth within – a deep journey into the heart of God. A journey that brought me into the experience of the changeless state within. Towards the end I read another beautiful short poem.

This episode is a 17 minutes guided meditation with restful music in the background.

Into The Mystic – Episode #16 – Podcast ♥️

Enjoy episode #16 of Into the Mystic – Joining in Love

In Episode #16 I begin by reading a poem that came to me very recently. Then I share about the experience of being in the right mind, and talk about that only when we are in our right mind can we truly join. Only in love can we join. 

I also talk about being the present moment and towards the end I reads another beautiful poem.

This episode is a 19 minutes guided meditation with restful music in the background.

Grace Of God – new album release♥️

Beloveds ♥️ 

I am SO excited to announce that my new album ‘Grace Of God’ has now been released!

It has 13 songs, and a total of 111 minutes of beautiful music 🎶 

The album will be available on basically all online music stores and streaming services – like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube Music and Amazon. It might take a few days to show up in all the stores. You can find my music under my first name ‘Svava.’ 

The album is available right NOW on Bandcamp – where I also have uploaded all the lyrics 😊 

About 3 years ago Spirit whispered in my ears that I would make 3 albums. I heard the titles and I saw the images of the covers in my mind. And now 3 years later I have completed my assignment – and I am beyond words grateful. 

The album ‘Grace Of God’ is a mix of songs that I have received over the last 3 years, and it has a few new ones as well. The newest song is called ‘Fade Away’ – and my favorite right now. It is the first song on the album, has deep lyrics and a mystical melody. 

Like the last album ‘The Light Of Truth’ I again did everything myself with Spirit. 

‘Grace Of God’ is recorded in a closet at a house called Angels Landing at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah. 

It was quite a challenge mixing and mastering the songs, as I am absolutely not trained in any of these technical things. But with guidance it all somehow just happened, like with my last album. 

I hope you will enjoy it. It is made with Love – and that is all I have and want to give ♥️ 

I will be heading on the road in Iceland this upcoming week with no plans but to Trust in God and follow my heart. 

I Love You All ♥️ 

Countless Blessings and Gratitude 🙏 


Svava’s new album ‘Grace of God’ sparkles with the Light of Heaven. As we bask in the soft Light of Christ’s Presence, the world gently fades away. Allow yourself to be taken into the Mystic and into a Life of simplicity and Joy! Svava I love you forever. 

~ David Hoffmeister

Special thanks to Ana Paola Urréjola for the amazing artwork for the cover.

And special thanks to Zachary Bellows for the beautiful piano-part in the song ‘Dance With The Stars’

Into The Mystic – Episode #15 – Podcast ♥️

Episode #15 of Into the Mystic just out💗– Follow Your Bliss

I begin this episode by reading a poem that came to me yesterday. And then I dive into a deep mind expanding and heart-opening experience I had this morning.

I talk about the feeling of Bliss and gratitude for life, and that nothing can touch the infinite being that we are.

Enjoy the ride 💗🕊🙏🏼

Love 💗


My heart is open like a lotus flower 

Colors of light flow through it like a river 

With my arms wide open I let it all shiver 

And an ecstatic energy lifts me up


Passion opens my glorious channels 

Surrendering to this indescribable Bliss 

I let myself fall deep into the abyss 

Where an explosion of fire awakens within


The experience awakens bright sparkles 

An energy that gives birth to creation 

Passion is my key to salvation 

It wakes up all that has been hidden inside


There is no time to waste on silly illusions 

Get ready for a joyful ride 

Now is the time to fully decide

Would you take my hand and join me in the ecstasy of life?

This episode is a 17 minutes guided meditation with restful music in the background.


Into The Mystic – Episode #14 – Podcast ♥️

Beloved friends ♥️

I arrived at our Living Miracles Monastery in Utah a few days ago.

I am so deeply grateful to be here in this beautiful and holy place.

It really is the most quiet place I have ever been to. I have been here many times before, but this time there is no event going on here. It is still and very restful.

I was guided to come and stay for a while. I have no plan but to follow Spirit’s guidance and just simply be.

It is truly an honor to have a space where I can record podcasts and work on my 3rd album when I am guided to do so – and just rest in God.

I so love being here ♥️

So today I recorded episode #14 of Into the Mystic – Stillness and Simplicity

Episode #14 begins with a beautiful poem called The Blessing. I share about that I just arrived at our Living Miracles Monastery in Utah, and I’m so grateful and I feel so blessed to be basking in the stillness, and the beauty of the strawberry river canyon. “Be still and know that I am” is all there is. I invite you to join me in the stillness of God and the simplicity of life.

A still mind is a mind that contains only the Truth.

God is simple.

You are simple.

The Truth is simple.

This episode is a 20 minutes guided meditation with restful music in the background.

The Blessing

In the stillness of love

Divinity embraces me

In Your presence above

I float in eternity

Beyond what I see

Abides Your heavenly light

It shines bright on me

And erases the night

All I perceive now

Is a beautiful paradise

To You my Lord I bow

And in the light I arise

No words left to say

In Your divine rest

I am here to stay

Eternally blessed

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Thank you 🙏🏼

Love and deep gratitude

Svava ♥️

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Episode #13 of Into The Mystic – Podcast ♥️

I am so grateful to share episode #13 of Into the Mystic – Awakening to Love.

In this episode I have a beautiful guest with me 🙏 David Hoffmeister💗

This episode begins with me reading a poem called Awakening that was given by Spirit.

Then David guides us into a beautiful and deep meditation. Afterwards we go deeper into the Love of God and into Light where words begin to fade away.

We invite you to join us 💗


In my sleep I dreamt of fear

Fear that took me nowhere

Then I saw it was all unreal

And my heart began to heal

Suddenly my eyes could see

All around me was gentle glee

Darkness changed into light

And I saw with true sight

I saw You in everything

I saw what Your love could bring

I knew that all I was was light

Eternally shining bright

Thank you 🙏

Eternal Gratitude 🙏

Svava ❤️


Into The Mystic – Episode #12 – Podcast ♥️

Hello Beloveds ♥️

Episode #12 of Into the Mystic is out now 😃

I wanted to thank you all for your heartfelt messages and for your love.

I really appreciate all your e-mails and your sharings from your heart.

Thank you 🙏

We are in this together forever and ever – right Now!

Sending you a big hug and endless Love ♥️

I love you 😘


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Into the Mystic – Episode #11 – Podcast ♥️

Beloved friends ♥️

I just realized now that I had forgotten to post my episode 11 of Into the Mystic here last week.

I’ve been working on episode 12 today, so a new one will be out in the next few days.

Sending you all my love and gratitude 🙏

Down below I will also add a link to my friend Frances Xu’s Episode #10 of her podcast “Out of the blue comes Frances Xu.” She invited me to join her on her podcast today. It was so beautiful and heartfelt.

Hope you enjoy that as well.

Love ♥️


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With my friend Frances Xu today ♥️

In Quiet I Receive 🙏