Into The Mystic – Episode #18 – Podcast ♥️

Hello my beloveds ♥️

Enjoy the newest episode of Into the Mystic. This episode is called ‘The Gift’ and is a beautiful guided meditation where we go on a journey and receive a gift from the Divine. The meditation is about 21 minutes and has heavenly soft music in the background. 

I am deeply grateful for for all the gifts that God has provided for me and deeply thankful for the wonderful peace that has come over me after what seemed to be outward travels in the world. But as we know from Jesus’ teachings in A Course in Miracles; “You travel but in dreams.” – And the journey is always inward to wash away blocks to God’s Love.

The last almost a year of my life has been a very deep inward journey into the Self by following guidance and stepping completely into the unknown. After travels around Iceland, following my heart, sleeping in my car and meeting amazingly wonderful people I am now guided to live in the USA at this point, and it feels fantastic 😊

Thank you for being here 🙏

Eternal Love and Gratitude,

Svava ♥️

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One thought on “Into The Mystic – Episode #18 – Podcast ♥️

  1. Thank you dear Svava, it is always a gift to listen to you and your podcasts.

    Love you

    Verzonden vanaf mijn Galaxy


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