Into The Mystic – Episode #15 – Podcast ♥️

Episode #15 of Into the Mystic just out💗– Follow Your Bliss

I begin this episode by reading a poem that came to me yesterday. And then I dive into a deep mind expanding and heart-opening experience I had this morning.

I talk about the feeling of Bliss and gratitude for life, and that nothing can touch the infinite being that we are.

Enjoy the ride 💗🕊🙏🏼

Love 💗


My heart is open like a lotus flower 

Colors of light flow through it like a river 

With my arms wide open I let it all shiver 

And an ecstatic energy lifts me up


Passion opens my glorious channels 

Surrendering to this indescribable Bliss 

I let myself fall deep into the abyss 

Where an explosion of fire awakens within


The experience awakens bright sparkles 

An energy that gives birth to creation 

Passion is my key to salvation 

It wakes up all that has been hidden inside


There is no time to waste on silly illusions 

Get ready for a joyful ride 

Now is the time to fully decide

Would you take my hand and join me in the ecstasy of life?

This episode is a 17 minutes guided meditation with restful music in the background.


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