Into The Mystic – Episode #14 – Podcast ♥️

Beloved friends ♥️

I arrived at our Living Miracles Monastery in Utah a few days ago.

I am so deeply grateful to be here in this beautiful and holy place.

It really is the most quiet place I have ever been to. I have been here many times before, but this time there is no event going on here. It is still and very restful.

I was guided to come and stay for a while. I have no plan but to follow Spirit’s guidance and just simply be.

It is truly an honor to have a space where I can record podcasts and work on my 3rd album when I am guided to do so – and just rest in God.

I so love being here ♥️

So today I recorded episode #14 of Into the Mystic – Stillness and Simplicity

Episode #14 begins with a beautiful poem called The Blessing. I share about that I just arrived at our Living Miracles Monastery in Utah, and I’m so grateful and I feel so blessed to be basking in the stillness, and the beauty of the strawberry river canyon. “Be still and know that I am” is all there is. I invite you to join me in the stillness of God and the simplicity of life.

A still mind is a mind that contains only the Truth.

God is simple.

You are simple.

The Truth is simple.

This episode is a 20 minutes guided meditation with restful music in the background.

The Blessing

In the stillness of love

Divinity embraces me

In Your presence above

I float in eternity

Beyond what I see

Abides Your heavenly light

It shines bright on me

And erases the night

All I perceive now

Is a beautiful paradise

To You my Lord I bow

And in the light I arise

No words left to say

In Your divine rest

I am here to stay

Eternally blessed

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Thank you 🙏🏼

Love and deep gratitude

Svava ♥️

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