Episode #13 of Into The Mystic – Podcast ♥️

I am so grateful to share episode #13 of Into the Mystic – Awakening to Love.

In this episode I have a beautiful guest with me 🙏 David Hoffmeister💗

This episode begins with me reading a poem called Awakening that was given by Spirit.

Then David guides us into a beautiful and deep meditation. Afterwards we go deeper into the Love of God and into Light where words begin to fade away.

We invite you to join us 💗


In my sleep I dreamt of fear

Fear that took me nowhere

Then I saw it was all unreal

And my heart began to heal

Suddenly my eyes could see

All around me was gentle glee

Darkness changed into light

And I saw with true sight

I saw You in everything

I saw what Your love could bring

I knew that all I was was light

Eternally shining bright

Thank you 🙏

Eternal Gratitude 🙏

Svava ❤️


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