Into The Mystic – Episode #9 – Podcast ♥️

Enjoy episode 9 of Into the Mystic – Now is the time to Shine 🌟

Yesterday I joined a prayer meeting that my beautiful friend Efrat in Israel held.

Efrst Sar-Shalom is one of the three that translated A Course in Miracles into Hebrew. She has been teaching the Course for over 30 years.

Efrat has such a deep and beautiful presence, that I always get transported immediately into the Light just listening to her.

So after our prayer meeting yesterday I went into my closet and recorded this beautiful episode.

Thank you for being here ♥️

Deep eternal love and gratitude 🙏


I begin this episode by reading this quote that came to me from Spirit;

“The silent mind is changeless and cannot be disturbed. The busy mind changes constantly and is totally disturbed. In truth you are the silent mind, but you’ve been believing that you are the busy mind. The only way to be silent is to let go of all the noise that is blocking the awareness of your true identity. You are not your thoughts. You are beyond thinking. In the silence you will remember your true Self. Be Still And Know”


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