Into The Mystic – Episode #6 – Podcast ♥️

New episode is out ♥️

Enjoy my sixth episode of Into the Mystic – Walking with Jesus.

In Episode #6 I share about Oneness and about my connection with Jesus that began when I was a little girl. I talk about Jesus’s message to us to transcend the false self, and remember who we are.

Jesus is inviting us to walk with Him. Right beside Him.

Jesus is a demonstration of the Truth of who we are, and He wants us to join Him.

Jesus always used to tell me not to take anything of this world seriously. That Only the Truth is True. That we are the One Son of God – a pure bright and eternal light.

I begin this episode with a poem called All is One.

This episode is a 18 minutes beautiful meditation with restful music in the background.

All is One

My beloved One

The time has come

To let God decide

And go into the light

Nothing here

Takes you anywhere

Only with me

Can you set yourself free

Open your mind

In your heart you will find

The Truth you came here for

It’s time to completely soar

Rest in God’s Grace

In this holy place

Where all is One

And the light has come

It is all complete now

To you my love I bow

Eternally with you

Now all becomes new

Thank you for your devotion🙏🏼

Thank you with all my heart ♥️

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One thought on “Into The Mystic – Episode #6 – Podcast ♥️

  1. Thank you Svava. I needed these thoughts to reassure my heart right now…i am going through a deep process of looking and letting go of old believes and memories about mental illness…feels very difficult to not taking it seriously… but i trust you, knowing that you went through something similar in your life…i am so willing to give my faith to Jesus and let go of the past, completely and to share your vision of Love. I take Jesus’s hand and yours and walk this path toward the Joy and the Peace inside.
    Ore and more, i see that, this world offers nothing that i desire…truly, i am so determine to see the truth and recognize our OneSelf as Love. I lay down on the altar, the belief in guilt and unworthiness, really, the only mental illness that is…thank you so much for being who you are…it feels so good 🙏🕊🙏 and comforting 💖 louise


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