Into The Mystic – Episode #5 – Podcast ♥️

Episode 5 of Into the Mystic is out – Trust and Willingness ❤️

In Episode 5 I talk about trusting in God and be willing to be shown the way. I share about that when we go on the awakening journey we have to let go of all concepts and roles before we can know the truth of who we are.

Of ourselves we can do nothing, but with God we can do anything. God is always with us and He is calling us Home.

Your presence is a gift of Love.

Your breath is a breeze of Softness.

Your eyes are a mirror of Light.

Your smile is an invitation to Joy.

Your heart is a beat of Life.

Your voice is a song of Heaven.

Your hands are the bringers of Kindness.

And your feet are gently guiding you Home.

Episode 5 is a 17 minutes beautiful and restful journey into the unknown with meditative music in the background.

Deep love and gratitude 🙏


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