Into The Mystic – Episode #4 – Podcast ♥️

Enjoy my fourth episode of Into the Mystic – Only Love is real.

In Episode #4 I share about that only the thoughts we think with God are real. I begin this podcast by reading a poem called Heavenly Tune that was given to me by Spirit. I talk about that when we see something as lacking in the world it is only because we believe in lack – and the solution is to give. The solution is always Love.

Heavenly tune ♥️

In the stillness of my heart

I rest in your warmth

Nothing but my thoughts

Can bring us apart

In the quiet of my mind

I hear your soft voice

Whisper to my soul

Your thoughts are your choice

When only your love

I choose to bring

Into my holy mind

I hear angels sing

A choir of peace

A glorious sound

A gentle release

Lifts me from the ground

With angel wings

I feel only you

My heart filled with love

I sing your heavenly tune

Thank you with all my heart for being here ♥️

Love and Gratitude 🙏


Link to episode #4 ) Only Love is real on my YouTube channel’

Link to Spreaker (where you can download all episodes for free);

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