You cannot change the world! ♥️

I began having a deep realization yesterday that continued this morning – and is still continuing. I had just got back home from a very deep movie session with David Hoffmeister. We watched the old movie Jesus of Nazareth (a shorter version than the original one). I hadn’t seen the movie since I was a little girl, so I had a huge flash back, and the movie with David’s commentaries swept me into the Light of Truth. It touched me so deeply how Jesus consistently always stayed with the Truth, forgave and didn’t see an error in anyone. When I got back home after the movie session I watched a very touching documentary movie called ‘The Seer’ by a beautiful soul, mystic and a musician Lars Muhl. And I kept on going deeper into something that can’t be explained in words. I felt very quiet and could feel that something was happening within me that was not in my control.

This morning I began seeing in a deeper way than ever how we try to change the world to make ourselves happy, and by that we are actually making the ego real. Every time we try to change something or we want something to be different it is very clearly the ego. It’s the ego’s attempt to make the illusion real. To make itself real. Spirit, Who we are in Truth, is still, peaceful, loving and doesn’t perceive error. So just a few minutes ago I began writing. Here’s the message;

“You cannot change the world! You can only change your mind about what you perceive. This is the ego’s world and the ego cannot be changed. You can only withdraw yourself from it. It is impossible to change fear into Love. Love has nothing to do with fear. It doesn’t know of fear. Love is a choice as fear is a choice – but a choice that doesn’t last. Only Love is eternal and changeless! And realizing the Truth, which is Love, is inevitable as Love is All there is. 

You made the whole world up (the ego) by believing in it. The ego is a belief that you can create yourself better than whole and complete. That you can create yourself better than God created you. Which is a completely insane idea. The ego is a belief that you are incomplete and in need of something outside of yourself to fulfill you. The ego’s whole trick is that it wants you to believe that if you just change the world then you will be happy. That is how the ego keeps you occupied and spinning around in an illusion, in fear, in pain and desperately trying to find freedom and happiness outside yourself – in the world. 

The only way to find happiness is to realize that you are not of this world. That the world is simply a projection of your thoughts and beliefs. And that is actually the good news, because You can change your thoughts and beliefs. You can change your mind from fear to Love. You have the power to choose the Truth. And That is your ticket out of the illusion and into Reality. Out of time and into Eternity! Your ticket to Eternal Happiness! Which IS Your True Self!

There is no solution in the illusion. The ego isn’t you! It’s simply just a false idea. 
The solution is to go within and give every false believe you have about yourself to the Holy Spirit, so He can wash away everything that is untrue, and you can come back to the realization that you are complete already. You are perfect Now and always were!”

“I am as God created me.” L-94 (Today’s lesson in A Course In Miracles).

God’s Peace and Love is within you. It is All that you are. It’s everything. And That is the only Truth. 

Love and Blessings 🙏🏼💗🕊


2 thoughts on “You cannot change the world! ♥️

  1. Thank you so much beloved Svava. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕



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