Into The Mystic – Episode #3 – Podcast ♥️

Enjoy my third episode of Into the Mystic – The return Home

In Episode #3 I share about that everything we experience in life is FOR us. I talk about Love and the unreality of fear, and that we are not a victim of the world. That all that the world is for is to forgive it, so we can set ourselves free. Everything is a gift for us and nothing is against us. I also share a lesson in A Course In Miracles “God’s Will for us is perfect happiness” and I begin this podcast by reading a poem called The Return that was given to me by Spirit. 

Episode #3 is a 17 minutes beautiful and restful meditation with soft music in the background.

Eternal Love and Gratitude 🙏


The Return

I pray without ceasing

My life I give to You

Your love is increasing

Each moment feels new

I bathe in Your glory

With angels I sing

Released from all worry

And safe on Your string

I feel all Your love

I rest in Your light

In the Heavens above

Everything turns white

The world has disappeared

All I see is bright light

Clean slate has appeared

Everything is quite

The prayer of my heart

Was to know only You

To never feel apart

And to know what is true

You heard my call

You brought me home

Now I know I’m One with all

And I was never alone

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