Into the Mystic – Episode #2 – Podcast ♥️

Episode #2 of Into the Mystic is out!!!

Enjoy my second episode of Into the Mystic – Resting in the Glory of God.

In this episode I share about my experience with inviting God in my life. I talk about prayer, the present moment and true giving. I also share some beautiful quotes from A Course In Miracles. 

I begin this episode by reading a poem called Infinite Bliss that was given to me by Spirit. 

Episode #2 is about 17 minutes with beautiful soft background music that I received last night.

Eternal Love and Gratitude ♥️ 


Infinite Bliss

Your holiness is all I see

In that purity I set myself free

Holding Your hand into eternity

In Your Grace I will always be

The waves of light embrace my soul

They wash my mind and make me whole

Your presence is all I long for

And in your arms I softly soar

Taken by the glory of Your love

I rest in the Heavens above

All is well and always will be

With You I can truly see

All there is and always will be

Is this changeless eternal glee

All that happened was I forgot the key

The key to my heart that has set me free

Now forever in Your glorious light

An infinite bliss shining bright

I was always One with You

Now I feel my soul born anew

My heart is open, the door is gone

I know I am forever Your holy Son

I feel Your love, I know who I Am

The world I saw was just a hologram

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