Into the Mystic – Episode #1 – Podcast ♥️

Enjoy my first episode of my new podcast Into the Mystic.

Few weeks ago I felt a deep calling in my heart to somehow share my insights, writings, poetry and my music – all combined together. I had an inspiration to bring the listener with me into an experience. 

About 4 months ago I was told by Spirit that I am to “teach” the Holy Instant. The Holy Instant (the present moment) can only be experienced, so my podcast is an experience. I am so very excited about this new direction, and I’m stepping into the unknown as speaking is very new for me. 

I will be spontaneous with it, so there is no set time for how often I will upload new episodes. 

Stay tuned by subscribing to my YouTube channel ♥️ and/or Spreaker.

In Episode #1 I dive into the truth of who we are. I begin by reading a poem that came to me recently and the rest is given to me spontaneously in the moment. The experience is about 14 minutes. 

The meditation background music in the podcast was given by Spirit.

Thank you everyOne 🙏 

Love and gratitude 

Svava ♥️ 

Link to the podcast on my YouTube channel;

Link to the podcast on my Spreaker channel;


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