The Simple Choice ♥️

Why is it so hard to accept the truth? The truth that is so simple. The truth that just IS. The truth that we are a perfect creation of a loving God, and that we are already complete and whole. The truth that we are love. The truth that there is no need to seek no more, and there never was a reason to seek anything. Perfection is in need of nothing! And that is who we are!

So why are we seemingly still seeking for something? Why do we believe that we need something from outside ourselves to fulfill us? 

The world we perceive is a mirror of our believe in lack. The world we perceive reflects back at us the believe that we are incomplete, separated and that we need something from it to feel whole. We seem dependent on the world. And we are not even really sure about what it is that we are seeking. We just try desperately to find something or someone that can give us some kind of “satisfaction”, “happiness” or “love” that never lasts.  

So what is really going on? 

We have been tricked! That is what is going on. And the funny thing is that the trick is made up by ourselves. Not our true Selves, but the self we believe that we are. The small self – the ego. 

Everything we perceive is reflecting back at us what we believe. If we believe that we are not good enough, the world will reflect back at us that we are not good enough – that we are lacking. If we believe that we are better than others it is the same belief just played out in the seeming opposite way. We strive to feel better than others to cover over the underlying belief in lack (unworthiness).

The world is a world of opposites. And we are basically under a spell. A spell of our own making. We are watching the past go by over and over and over. What we believe we will perceive. The key is that we made it all up by believing in it, and we can change everything we perceive by dropping all our false beliefs. Freedom of the mind is available right Now. Truth is available right Now. True love and happiness are available right Now. It only takes an instant to see truly!

All the saints and mystics have been telling us the truth for thousands of years. Their message was always the same; “You are what you are searching for. You are love. You are a perfect creation of a loving God. You are changeless and eternal. The world is an illusion. Nothing you perceive is real.”

So why won’t we take this in and begin believing in the truth? Why do we choose to listen to a voice that pulls us down and drags us into darkness, instead of listening to a loving voice that brings us into the light? 

What we need to realize is that it is our choice. WE need to choose the truth instead of the illusion. WE need to change our minds to perceive reality instead of an illusionary world of opposites. WE need to think with God to perceive the truth. It is possible to see only what is true. We have a choice to see only what God sees. We can love like God loves. In truth that is ALL we can do, as we were created by His love. 

The truth is that we are a beautiful creation of a loving God. Love is our original state. Love is who we are!

So why is it so hard to believe this?

We have tricked ourselves to believe that we will lose something by going within to realize the truth. We would rather keep on trying to find satisfaction “out there” instead of letting it all go. We believe that we will have to give up something valuable or sacrifice something for the truth – a truth that seems to be unknown. We believe that we are separated from God and each other. When we in truth are One.

Truth will only be revealed to us when we let everything else go. A deep trust is needed to step into the seeming unknown. While we hold onto an illusion we cannot see truly. What we have to realize is the we are really giving up nothing of value to gain the only valuable there is. Which is our True Self. One Self. The Truth! 

The truth is simple. Spirit is simple. This moment is simple. Illusions are complex. The ego is complex. Time is complex. 

What voice do you want to listen to and follow. Spirit or the ego? It all comes down to that simple choice actually. And only one voice is true. 

It only takes an instant to know the truth. It only takes an instant to walk away from all that is false and into the truth. From the darkness into the light. 

Your willingness is needed to shift your mind. A willingness to choose love instead of fear. Light instead of darkness. A willingness to give everything you believe in over to the light of truth (the Holy Spirit) so the truth can be revealed to you. That is ALL that is required of you. To give up the illusion so the truth can be revealed. 

Love is a choice, truth is a choice, peace is a choice and happiness is a choice – until we realize that there really is no choice, as truth has no choices. It is One.

Be vigilant Only for God and His Kingdom. Withdraw yourself from illusions – from the ego. Wash away the temporal to know the Eternal. 

Fill your mind and heart up with attributes of God. Accept only That which is Eternal and Changeless. That is Who You are. All else is simply untrue.

Eternal Love!

You are already what you have been searching for!

– Svava


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