Accept what IS 🌸

Only when you peacefully and joyfully accept what IS can Spirit (your True Self) reveal the next steps for you. When you resist what IS you are putting your heals down and wanting things to be different. You are wanting “your own way” – and here I’m talking about the ego’s way (which is not you in Truth).

Only the ego resists, because it doesn’t want you to realize that happiness can only be found in accepting the flow of life. Which is the Will of God. And which actually IS Your Will as well. It seemingly takes some convincing to realize that fact though. But you can do it!

When you fully accept your seeming situation, and I mean really embrace it by taking it full on, and see everything as a gift for your awakening from the dream of illusions, you will set yourSelf Free.

Only by acceptance can Spirit reach you.

When your mind is in a “Yes” you can be reached and you can clearly hear Spirit’s guidance. But when you are in resistance – in the “no” you (the ego) are basically choosing separation. You seem stagnated, and you don’t want to hear Spirit’s guidance, because you are afraid of losing control – and of being dissolved in the Light of Truth. Which eventually will happen, as it is inevitable that Only Truth Will Be and all else will cease to be. When you are in the “Yes” you are in a divine flow, open to hear, happy, peaceful and you feel connected.

Accept what IS and joyfully flow with life! That is basically the recipe for happiness!!!

You are loved eternally ♥️

~ Svava


5 thoughts on “Accept what IS 🌸

      1. Hi Svava. Thank you so much for this blog. I appreciate all what you share especially this one “accept what is”. This is the way i work with Marga…but don’t really understand “accepting the flow of life witch is the Will of God and my Will as well”. Maybe you can clarify it…🙏🙏

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  1. Dearest Louise💗
    Thank you🙏🏼
    I hope this answers your question🦋

    You could say that accepting the flow of life is the same as lesson 155 in ACIM “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”
    It is letting go of control. Letting go of the I know mind, the persona – the ego.
    Only the ego resists, judges and wants things to be different. Spirit is always at peace. And You are That in Truth.
    When we fall into the ego’s trap there are seemingly two options. Either follow the ego’s thoughts (holding onto them) and fall deeper into darkness – or give all the thoughts over to the Holy Spirit to have them reinterpret for us. A consistent practice will lead you to the awareness that in Truth there is no choice. In Truth there are no choices. There is “only” the Peace of God.
    God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. And our Will is also perfect happiness for us. That is All that we long for. That is what we are seeking. And our function is to be happy. When we accept that what is happening in our lives is FOR us and never against us we have stepped back and let Him lead the way. The flow of life is FOR us because we are so loved. Everything that is presented for us is FOR our awakening. It is FOR us to choose happiness Now.

    Here’s a quote from the Course that came to my mind when I read your question;

    “I share God’s Will for happiness for me, and I accept it as my function now.
    Then seek this function deep within your mind, for it is there, awaiting but your choice. You cannot fail to find it when you learn it is your choice, and that you share God’s Will.
    Be happy, for your only function here is happiness.”
    A Course In Miracles🌹W-pI.102.4,5

    Love and Light🦋


  2. Thank you Dear Svava. I will read your answer tomorrow, quietly. I am very grateful for your loving answer. Louise 🌹🙏


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