Return to Heaven ♥️

No one sees the same world!

Everyone sees through a veil of a belief system made up by unreliable memories of past experiences. The whole cosmos is basically a projected screen of what we believe about ourselves. And beliefs are decisions in the mind made up by how we have analyzed situations we seemingly have experienced. And because we see through a made up veil of beliefs we do not see the Truth. The veil is distorting our sight and blocking us from seeing clearly. The whole perceptual world is completely distorted. That is the reason why we cannot join in what we perceive. It is like the famous story of 5 blind men touching different parts of an elephant. All 5 describe the elephant completely differently. This is how we “see”. We are basically blind! How do we know that our brother sees the same kind of blue sky as we see? We cannot know. 

Only in the Truth can we truly join. And only the Truth can be shared as it is completely consistent. Only the Truth is True! Truth will be revealed when perception ceases to exist. When we have released ourselves from all our beliefs and we see only Love

A life in complete peace. A life where everything is forgiven and we dance in Joy into Eternity. 

Your part is to release yourself from the veil and return to Heaven. 

~ Svava


Let this song ‘The Light Of Truth’ bring you to Heaven 🙏

The song is from my last album also called ‘The Light Of Truth’ 💜
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Love You!
Svava ♥️

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