Child of God ♥️

We are all equally God’s children. We are all equally chosen and equally loved. We are all the same. The ‘chosen’ ones are simply just the ones that choose God. They choose to follow a deep calling in their hearts and devote their lives to know God. They choose to use their lives to unwind from the belief in separation, and they give their lives to be way-showers. They choose to be the lamps that light up the pathway for everyone to find back to Heaven. Heaven is inevitable! It waits on your remembrance. It’s only a belief in time that seems to make the pathway to Heaven long. Heaven is already here and always was here. It’s only the choice between going into the light or staying in darkness that seems to be difficult, because it seems obscured. If we clearly saw that our choices are simply between love and fear, light and darkness, freedom and prison we would immediately know what to choose. And we would clearly know what is real and what is not. Everything that is not of Heaven is unreal. Everything that is not of Heaven is not you. You are a child from Heaven and already resting in the arms of God. You are just sleeping in His arms. Your part is to wake up and realize that you are there.

Follow the light, be the light and wake up to Heaven. Come back Home!

~ Svava ♥️


5 thoughts on “Child of God ♥️

  1. Dear Svava,

    these words go straight into my heart ♥️! It is the truth written in simply words, understandable for anyone being on the trek back to Heaven! Though the trek seems to be very difficult with its mountains going up and down, the means are given to the one praying for peace, joy, creativity, harmony and love! To make this goal the One. My heart cries hearing: Come back home!

    With lots of love 💕💕💕, Barbro Jaensson

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    > 17 feb. 2021 kl. 23:48 skrev Svava Love : > >  >

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