Floating on the river of LOVE ❤️

What a beautiful life this is ❤️

I feel so blessed and I feel myself floating on the river of love. Everything is so amazingly taken care of. The more I just let go of trying to control the direction of my life the more incredible it gets and the more beauty I see everywhere I look. When I seem to meet obstacles on the river of love I have an opportunity to forgive and let go – to just see it for what it is and it amazingly transforms to nothing at all as I continue floating. I am seeing deeper and deeper how this journey is and understanding it from a place that is not of this world.

The last 9 months I have traveled more than I have ever travelled in my life. I have been all over the world (USA, Australia, Mexico, Spain and more) meeting new people and sharing love and light. I used to be most comfortable being alone. For some time I was so much taken over by the ego that I mostly just stayed hiding inside my apartment in Copenhagen and barely had contact with people. At the most fearful times I even only went out to the grocery store early in the morning or late at night where only few people were out. But now – OMG my life has changed and God is guiding me to face all the fear, by putting me in situations I used to panic about. I live now in a community with many others – and that even shifts as I travel and stay at different places. I have to adjust to staying in different houses, sleeping in different beds, carrying with me only what I need of clothes – and of course my ACIM book. I watch my thoughts all the time and see my old believes come up to the surface to be forgiven and released. At times I go so deep into the presence that I don’t know where I am, don’t recognize anything I see and don’t know who I am – I only feel the presence of peace and love. My mind feels very empty and I feel so amazingly free. I have no words to explain my gratefulness for my mighty companions that are in my life now and supporting all the way. I love you guys ❤️

This journey to remember who we are is so much deeper than I had ever imagined, and I still get surprised how much deeper it goes. I know I have seen nothing yet and I have total trust in God to show me and guide me. Yesterday I thought that there couldn’t be space for more love in my heart that I had already experienced. But today it has expanded again. This happens all the time and is out of my control. I am just watching it all and having an indescribable experience every moment.

Thank you for being in my life and walking this path with me ❤️

Wishing you a bright weekend filled with love and joy!

Forever Love


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