Remembering the TRUTH💕

Wow! – blessed with another beautiful day. Thank you God for this day 💕

It’s Sunday and I woke up with my heart sparkling like diamonds. I am sitting here on a comfortable armchair and I was just doing my daily A Course in Miracles lesson. After the lesson I was connecting with how wonderful I feel within and sparkling warms diamonds came into my mind. I know you understand when I say that the feeling of being Home is not easy to describe in words. It’s such a huge experience that no words can really explain it. There are no words in Heaven. Only this beautiful moment right now exists and in this beautiful moment there are no words, no problems, no past, no future, no doubt…. and after saying everything that is not there/here all that is left is this amazing nothingness and at the same moment it’s EVERYTHING. It is SO big. It’s the LOVE of God. It just IS.

I feel like sharing an experience from my childhood that right now came into my mind.

The first time (what I remember) I experienced this what I for years called ‘The beautiful nothingness’ I was 10 years old and my cat just got hit by a car and died. She was at that time the love of my life that loved me unconditionally, slept with me in my bed every night, licked my toes in the morning to wake me up, talked back to me with her mjaw and was always there for me. I felt like my world had fallen apart when I came home from school and my mom told me that Snotra (Icelandic and means Beauty) was dead. I went to my room and cried and cried for hours. The next day when I was supposed to go to school I never made it inside the building, but sat outside in the school yard and cried all day. When the bells rang and school was over I walked back home.
I was almost always alone for some hours after school before my mom would come home from work, so I opened the door to our house with my key and went inside. As I walked in the hall I spontaneously looked down the hall and into the living room, and there I saw my grandmother sitting on the couch with my cat on her lap and patting her. She looked up and smiled to me and I smiled back. My grandmother died when my mom was pregnant with me so I had never seen her before except on pictures. I remember thinking that my grandmother was telling me that my cat was ok and that she would take care of her for me. Then they both disappeared. I went to my room and sat on my bed and began thinking about what is it that dies when we seem to leave. Now that I just had seen them and communicated with them – in a different way though than with words, but I felt that she had spoken to my heart. I had always talked to God – mostly when I was sad and I had always felt that Jesus was close to me – like a best friend, so I asked God if I could die. Suddenly I was somewhere else. I was not in my room and I was not aware of that I had any body. I felt like floating in an endless space of sparkling nothingness. I felt SO loved and SO safe and it was the most peaceful moment I had ever experienced. I wanted to stay there forever. I felt like I was Home. It was as God was ALL that beautiful loving and peaceful space. God was EVERYTHING. I have no idea how long I was there. It could have been hours or minutes. Suddenly I was in my room and I could see ‘my’ body again and God had answered my question. I knew from that moment that I could never die. The one that is my true Self will always exist. Only the body will disappear. Everything that is a part of the made up world will not last. The truth is all there really IS and will always BE forever and ever.

This journey back Home is so amazing and I am remembering Home more and more clearly. The moment – what Jesus calls The Holy Instant in The Course in Miracles expands and expands as I connect with it more and more. It is here we remember who we are. It is here God is and it is here WE are and can only really be.

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothin unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

I am so grateful for this life!

Happy wonderful Sunday and remember the truth of who you are – we are.
Thank you for being here with me.

Forever LOVE 💗


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